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Freedom and slavery

In the world of the free; and each land of the free …

I was horrified to recently hear that there are currently more slaves in the world than at any other time in man’s history. It is said that the number of slaves throughout the world now totals some –



27 Million

comprising of men, women and children.


A new anti-slavery law has only recently been introduced into Britain. How could one man use another in this way? It is utterly sickening. I wonder how many other countries there are in the world that have yet to make this abhorrent lifestyle against the law.

I have never yet compelled other Bloggers, Members of Facebooks, and those on Twitter to write about anything but if you have a heart for your fellow man then please write about this shocking act of your fellow man. Let us STAMP OUT SLAVERY FOREVER!


Link to the new Anti-Slavery Laws.


Ann said...

Wow, that's scary, I had no idea that this type of thing was still going on. I guess that goes to show what a sheltered life I really lead

Grampy said...

I am with Ann. I had no idea. It is hard to believe that in the so called free world, that sort of thing still exist.

TOMAS said...

Thank you for so passionate appeal. I am proud of being your follower. People like you make the world's today and enable us to hope for the better tomorrow. Thus I am glad to invite you to visit my Butterfly in Plaster the art gallery of Tomas Karkalas.
It is my response to the current darkness (my health limits all my activities to mental travel to the dreamland where all people are brothers and sisters in Spirit and rejoice at riding the sunbeam) I hope you will enjoy the light there and that will make me to feel myself happy too . I will accept your comments as the rescue from the captivity to my nice but illusory visions. Thanks in advance.

Unknown said...

Not many people are aware that slavery is far more widespread that we think.
I'm not talking about the group mentioned in the article.

How about people with physical and mental handicaps which will be forced to work after they will be reassessed to be able to work (whereas they were considered not able to up til now).

And how about women?
Many women work at home and are considered to be housewives and are looked down upon. They have the responsibility for new members of society and their wok is not valued by society at all. They're taken for granted and should be available 24/7.
How about women who combine job and motherhood? They work more hours than a man with the same amount of job-hours.
Do you know that in America and The Netherlands, and probably in other western countries too they get paid between 20 and 30% less than a man doing the same job?

How about mothers who care for kids with special needs? How much they do and how little it's appreciated? They keep their children out of expensive homes and institutions.

There's a lot wrong in this world nowadays, because people have lost their inborn sense of solidarity, care and compassion.

Grampy said...

Hi Polly. If you get a chance pop on over to my site. I have put up a Slavery post on my site. Thanks Again for the great information.

Jackie said...

i must admit tat I was a little aware of slavery still existing in the world.

But, I had no idea the numbers were this high. It is shocking and appalling.

I also agree with Tomas about being a proud follower and friend of yours!!

You amaze me daily!

Lanne is right also. I have been declared 100% disabled for three solid years now. But, Social Security over here said no and I cannot get any income or medicare.

However, the government agency that controls student loans says I am disabled and my loans have been forgiven. I have not worked in 11 years.

Now, one gov. agency says I am and the other one says I am not. I have no more appeals that can be made to Social Security....my time ran out.

It doesn't make any sense at all to me. But, there you have it.


I had no idea the figures were like that. Thank you for drawing attention to this