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It takes courage to commit your thoughts to paper. The written word, after all, is a weapon of immeasurable strength in its ability to pursue both good and evil with the consequences that could only truly be compared to the devastation that a bomb or bullet could wield. It is more powerful than a bomb or bullet but is rarely given credence of its strength of power to maim, injure or change a life, a country, a person’s perception of themselves or others or indeed the way the masses act or think about any subject under the sun. Yet there are very few that put its uses to good. That know that through their strength in using this weapon they may be able to change just one thing and do some good in the world.

I recently wrote about slavery in the modern world and that there are alleged to be 27 million people who will spend their lives locked into slavery. I compelled others to add their abhorrence of the imprisonment of man and the fetters of this lifestyle in the pursuit of the empowerment of one man over another and all this entails for further generations. A chink of light appeared through a crack in the Internet … a man who some people call Russ and others call Grampy, runs two Blogs and decided to do more research which he has added in the form of a post to help the fight for freedom. Please visit the following sites – feel free to comment and if you can summon up a little courage too then a post or a tweet on the subject would add strength to the cause. Thank you to Russ for knowing how powerful the right word can be.

Grampys WorldVintage fun for all

Serious Blogger link to Grampy’s World article on Slavery.


Grampy said...

Thank You Polly. I was shocked when I saw the links. I was just doing what I thought was right. We need to all stand up and fight.

Unknown said...

Indeed we do - but sadly few are willing to give up either time or space in the virtual world of the Internet with its Facebook/Twitter/Blogs and Websites to try and make a difference.
Why only today there was reported a young woman (a couple's daughter) that was used as part payment for a car. Here's the link:


Ann said...

Russ did well in his post. I agree that the written or spoken word can be very powerful

Jackie said...

I read his article and it was wonderful as was your article. Russ is a wonderful man and I loe his blogs.

I haven't forgotten about the article. I wish I was as talented with my words as you guys are.

I have to chew on things for a while before the words come to me.

It is something that needs to be addressed though. It really does. I feel bad that I haven't written about it yet!!


Cucipata said...

Very well expressed, words indeed have power.

jeanlivingsimple said...

It is hard to believe that Slavery is still such a huge problem.
I have been offline lately but will check out Russ/Grampy's articles.