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Five a day– LIE (allegedly)

The radio was on. It was station Radio Five Live with Parry and Graham. It is a sporting channel but these two often have a wide variety of topics in their banter mixed in with the sport.

Suddenly my ears pricked up – like a prize racehorse awaiting to commit to the track. The two men were discussing ‘the healthy diet and eating five portions of vegetables and fruit daily’ they asked for callers to give their opinions. Amongst the callers was a woman. She introduced herself as Zoe Harcombe, and said most of the information out there was not proven. Allegedly, there is no track record for any of it. She said that she works with obese people. She is gradually going through each theory one-by-one and busting the myths that we have all come to believe to be fact. Apparently, the information put out and advised to us all is not making any of us thinner, especially the clinically obese. It was suggested that the five a day policy would be best as eating one portion of meat, preferably liver; one portion of fish, preferably sardines (they are available fresh); one portion of dairy, preferably an egg; one portion of dark leafy greens; seeds or grains, preferably pumpkin.

Fruit apparently is best avoided if you are very over-weight as with its naturally high sugar content, it is almost certain to be converted into fat and be distributed to the very areas that you are trying to make leaner.

‘Portions usually measured should be no bigger than the palm of the hand of the person that eats them.’

For those who may be interested here is a link to her site:


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Ann said...

Trying to eat healthy and diet is not an easy task. There are so many different opinions and they often contradict each other. Luckily I don't have a problem with weight so I just tend to go with the moderation thing.