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Pushy pus

The cat has just discovered the oven! Where has she been these past twelve years? Suddenly, soon approaching her thirteenth birthday, she now gazes at the oven as a person might look at a piece of art. Appreciation lingers in her eyes as she sits and stares at the oven door with the occasional fidget of her front paws, determined and rooted to the spot where food comes out, full of aroma.

At one time, she would not ever go near a piece of fresh chicken. In fact, she treated it with such distain it almost left me wondering if there could be something wrong with it. Now she has come to think that the oven has been created just to cook chicken for her and no matter what it contains, whether it be a cake, casserole, rice pudding, fish … she is determined that when I open the door, chicken will come out. Now you would think that a cat would be also interested in other things particularly perhaps – white fish … but not our pus … it has to be chicken or else!!

Cat waiting for roast chicken 1

Cat waiting for roast chicken 2

Cat waiting for roast chicken 3

Cat waiting for roast chicken 4

The cat waiting for chicken


Sandra Rose Hughes said...

Oh, how funny! I enjoy cat stories. They are such weird animals. My cat stares at the TV whether its on or not.

Ann said...

animals are so funny with their little quirks. It's what makes them so lovable and so hard to say no to. Just look at that sweet face waiting and pleading for chicken :)

eastcoastlife said...

She only eats chicken? Doesn't she get bored with the same food every day? :D

CapricornWoman said...

Cat's are such funny little things! Mine makes me smile everyday with the new things she does!