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Cardboard–recycled packaging health risks


The world is recycling more and more of its waste products which is only a good and right thing to do. It is only wise to look at what these recycled products contain and where they are best used. Apparently, this is being done – but only after the stable door has been opened!

There is now a worry that recycled cardboard containing mineral oil toxic chemicals from old newspapers has been leeching into food products. Items affected have been listed as cereal boxes and other food containers. According to reports, the quantities of toxins have been allegedly recorded as being from 10 to 100 times greater than agreed safety limits.

The poison is alleged to cause internal organ inflammation and cancer.

The cardboard needs to be checked at the point of use as many cardboard items increase the amount of toxins they contain because they themselves are transported in recycled corrugated boxes which are also made of recycled and contaminated toxic material.


Ann said...

wow this is rather scary.
Does it seem to you at times that for all the effort that is made to save things we only seem to be doing more damage

Colleen said...

recycling is a stopgap. Eventually we must evolve to truly sustainable living. Instead of newspapers, electronic? Instead of cardboard cereal boxes, bring your ceramic cereal bin to the store and fill it from their megabin.

Unknown said...

Ann - we have to do something and we have to try. It is so wrong to churn everything into landfill we are simply poisoning the soil by doing so. We have to re-think everything we do. We generate rubbish like criminals carry out crimes and it is up to us all to turn things around.
Although people are requested not to throw down their rubbish they continue to do so. This has impacted on our oceans which are full of all kinds of problematic waste products from tin cans to bits of old cars ... often there are chemicals and now beautiful stretches of coral reefs are dead or dying, acres of the sea bed are devoid of life and sadly it is all down to us.

Colleen - you mentioned instead of cereal boxes taking containers to be refilled. Perhaps the best solution would be not to eat cereals - they are so heavily doused in sugars and starches that they are most probably the main cause of obesity in the modern world. In areas of the world where there are no cereals available the general population appears to be quite thin. It would probably benefit us all to change our dietry intake of such food items. Newspapers will come to an end and probably sooner than we expect as they have now invented a type of cloth that you can screw up and put in your pocket - and pull out again and it can display a computer page. This means that it will be much easier and more portable than the current more bulky electronic pads .... I look forward to this and hope that they are not too tempted to over-price it when it is launched to the masses.