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Skeleton models

Have I just opened my eyes? Have models always looked like a cross between a zombie and a skeleton? So very grey, so sadly thin, so drastically unhappy, so seriously ill?

Are we all demented applauding the fashion industry for churning out clothes that only fit dead bones? For goodness sake – enough!! I was so appalled when looking through some magazines at the emaciated, shapeless, skinny sacks of bones that are being allegedly paraded in the name of designer labels; I have concluded that perhaps all of these ‘so-called’ designers no longer know how to design for the normal, the balanced, the whole, the healthy human.

How sad that they appear to be so fearful of clothes designs looking dreadful, shapeless, uninteresting and quite frankly bad that they cannot use the normal shapes of women. Why are there not normal sizes ranging from a minimum of size 10 and blossoming ever upward, certainly never downward from that quite skinny size. These designers cannot be confident enough to put their creations on real, healthy women – why not? Are they so bad that no-one would ever buy these designs?

The fact that women who do not have one ounce of flesh on their bones are being used in this way is ultimate contempt for every situation where people have had no choice in becoming walking skeletons through starvation by event … To try and look like concentration camp victims and for the rest of us to find this acceptable is quite simply wrong!

Skeleton model - catwalk model

Skeleton model – catwalk model


Catherine said...

My reply to your post is, BRAVO! I have been saying this for some time now...I just think that this is shameful to let young girls think that this is "beautiful" to look like this...Thank you for letting me read that I am not alone in my thoughts. Blessings, Catherine

Ann said...

I couldn't agree with you more. It's no wonder young girls have such a hard time when what they are seeing as "being beautiful" is stick thin. I've seen so many young girls that are a perfectly healthy weight dieting because they think they are fat. It's time that they put a stop to that kind of role model

Grampy said...

I agree with all of you. It causes problems with young girls. They want to look like a model.They should have the models look like reality. All sizes and shapes.

Sub said...

I definately agree, and as well as offering girls unattainable ideas of beauty, it does the same for boys. I have a 14 year old son and I'm having to explain that the girls that he looks at in magazines or online (not porn) aren't realistic.
Those pictures are editted, the girls bodies are editted, and even if they are natural, only one in a thousand women look like that. Beyond 18... one in 10,000.

jeanlivingsimple said...

I'm against super thin sickly looking Models. What an unhealthy message it sends to our young ones.

On the flip side of this....I just read that two-thirds of Americans are obese and most do not feel they have a weight problem.

I work in a Tex-Mex restaurant and I am amazed at the amount of fatting food major overweight folks will order and...eat. Plus order excess amounts for their overweight children to eat. This is also a very sad problem.

Anonymous said...

Well it has to be backed up with action. Models (or should I say those who pay for them) are attention whores, so if it stops being profitable to feature women who look like sticks they'll stop doing it. Figure out how to shutdown their money intake and they'll stop. Those guys are all about the money.

--Colleen from Tix-Comix

PS, please enable Name/URL comments, you only allow profiles who blog one of the major platforms. My blog is self hosted it is less motivation for me commenting on you blog.

Noner said...

I always thought models never seemed particularly pleaseant. And the so-called "plus size" models are more like a normal figure, not plus sized at all!r

Unknown said...

(Tixrus)- Colleen - Hopefully I have enabled the Name/URL now. I must admit I curbed quite a bit of what I allowed because I had been overwhelmed a few months back with spam. I think Google now take care of spam automatically so hopefully all will be well.