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Water wake

It’s Easter holiday Monday, unexpectedly warm, dry and sunny. A blue, blue sky and a soft, ticklish breeze – unbelievably perfect – like a day in a dream. The frogspawn had hatched several days ago and so the ever curious tadpoles endlessly wriggle eager for their legs to grow. Along the sides of the pond the algae clung thickly and somewhere near the middle floated a pale, golden fish, motionless. Scooping it out with a net it was apparent that one of the Golden Orfe had suddenly died … there was no movement of the gills, the mouth, the eyes … it was simply stiff. The underbelly was slightly red but apart from that there was not one mark on the body. No indication of disease or ill health. Such a sad end for a perfect, pale fish.

Golden Orf

Golden Orfe alive and swimming


Colleen said...

Requiem aeternam dona eis, Domine.
et lux perpetua luceat eis.

eastcoastlife said...

Such a beautiful day .... and you
discovered the dead fish.:(

With such lovely weather in UK, I am looking forward to the wedding of Prince William. I hope he lives happily ever after.

Ann said...

Glad to hear you had such a lovely day but sad to hear about the poor fish

Russ said...

Sorry to hear about your fish. It is strange how the world works. Sometimes there is no known reason. It just is what it is.
Hope the rest of them thrive well.

jeanlivingsimple said...

I know how you feel. Last winter I lost my 5 and 6 inch Mom and Pop Goldfish. They just vanished. Maybe a Raccoon got them. At least I have about 12 of their offspring.
I loved those fish as I am sure you did yours.

Unknown said...

Yes, it is surprising how attached you can get to fish. In this particular instance the other fishes kept swimming up to it and nudging it with their mouths. I have seen them do this before when the largest of the Orf somehow got through the netting and landed on the stone pathway. It was dark and we had gone down the garden quite by chance and then also miraculously saw the fish just lying on the crunchy path. At first we thought it must be dead - we had no idea how long it had been there and there was not a spot of water anywhere around. We quickly slid it back into the water where it was stationary and lopsided. The following day the remainder of the fish kept swimming up to it and kept pushing it from both sides - it was amazing to watch. Eventually it managed to straighten itself and began to slowly swim about. It took a little food and still the other pond fish patrolled around it and thankfully it recovered.
On this occasion though this smaller Orf was stiff in the water - and there was nothing to be done. There are now only three Orf ... they swim with the goldfish and the golden tench.

Art of RetroCollage said...

Our condolences on your loss...