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It was claimed many years ago that February was one of the most important months of the year. There are usually both frost and snow on this the second month of the year and gardeners would look forward to the bitterness as a purifier of the land. The name itself is said to mean purification. There are also many superstitions that have evolved over the ages that relate to this time of the year. It was once alleged that if you listened closely and heard a thunderclap during this month then you would see something wonderful during the Summer months that followed … so I’m listening intently … for who could resist this kind of promise?

Candlemas Day falls on 2nd February and on this special day gardeners of years gone by claimed that if the sun shone and the weather was good then the Winter would return with a vengeance. There is an ancient rhyme that was commonly recited:

“If a Candlemas Day be fair and be bright

Then the Winter shall have another flight ……

But – if Candlemas Day be clouds and be rain

Then Winter be gone and will not come again!”

snowdrop copy

“A love that comes this cold, wet month will warmly last a lifetime.” Anon


Cyra Miles Valdez said...

This is a great info.

By the way, I like your blog..

Anonymous said...

And what happens if you wake up on Candlemas and find a heavy covering of snow? :) :)

Mom said...

February is indeed the most wonderful of months. For it was in the month of February that "I" was born.

And the birth of me has been the most wonderful event of my entire life!

Bikran said...

This is something I am hearing for the first time .. thanks a lot for sharing mate!

Shinade said...

oh dear our day was fair and bright and It is freezing here this morning.

Thanks for dropping by Polly. I am keeping myself busy doing drops while my friend is in surgery.

Oh my you always have the most interesting articles!!



I had never heard of this day! What a cute little rhyme/song.

Dorothy said...

I'm from Western New York and spring is coming soon... Spring is my favorite time when everything comes to life...

Thanks for visiting our site
Dorothy from grammology

Laurel said...

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