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Feline flap

Enough is enough my cat really is fed up with all of the snow … this is more snow than she has previously ever experienced. Every time that she ventures out into the garden she firstly stands on the back door step … I, on the other hand am left holding the door trying to encourage her to go out for her toilet needs. Each time I feel like a Scot’s man in a kilt standing high on a rock, awaiting battle with the cold steel of a sword pressed against my legs … so bitter is the wind. I can understand her little whiskers feeling apprehensive at the very thought of squelching up to her belly in slush. It’s either the slush or alternately crisp. crackling ice … not much choice there for a furry animal!


Sandi said...

I have a siberian husky and she just loves the snow. I am glad though that recently it all melted!! Yes! :)

LadyBanana said...

Poor little kitty - our snow is all gone now, was nice while it was fresh but not so nice when it turned to ice..

Amy Lilley Designs said...

what a beautiful, beautiful kitty...I've said that before...yes...well, still, very pretty!!!

Karen & Gerard Zemek said...

Doesn't your cat use a litter box inside? Much easier . . . and warmer too!

Matt said...

I can only imagine to a cat the snow must seem like what we humans would have to face if we were to walk out into 5 feet of snow. Poor thing.

Shinade said...

Polly you made wrote this with a humorous twist. but, I do know that it is not funny.

My cat is an outdoor goer too. She simply will not use a littler box. and we go through this on rainy days and snow days.

Wow it sounds like you guys are really going through it.

We are expecting some really needed rain today to break our drought.

But, except for the night s we are warming up already.

I have spring bulbs sprouting. I hope you get a break soon!:-)

Kloggers/Polly said...

Cats are fastidious creatures - they are meticulous by nature and dislike their own excrement which is why the majority bury it. My cat would rather hold her toilet in until she burst than use a litter tray. In truth, you never really own a cat - they choose their owners and, if they are free to choose - they will only remain with someone whom they really love. Cat's should never be kept indoors - for one thing they require fresh air - this sterilises their coats and destroys the build up of germs which occur through their constant licking. Licking is their nature ... so they need to go out doors. They need to flex their claws and stretch and jump and they need sunlight to ensure that they receive enough Vitamin D. A cat given the right ingredients for a good, interesting and healthy life can live up to 25 to 35 years. A very long time in comparison with a dog. So the persuasion of a trip outside to tend to their toilet is the old *being cruel to be kind* combination. I just love my cat and want only the best for her and that means trips outside!