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Friday 13th: Toast

Today has been exceptionally good. I was on cloud nine – this is supposed to be the most unluckiest Friday 13th out of any … Friday 13th February is littered with ill omens and bad vibrations just waiting to jump out at the nearest person. Well, I arose slightly later than usual and decided to venture out for a spot of shopping. The shops were relatively empty compared with a usual Friday … where had all the customers gone? Are people really that superstitious that they won’t venture out of their own homes due to mediaeval superstitions? Apparently the answer to this question is YES!!

Well for me everything was going swimmingly … high on life and pleased that there were no visible signs of ice or snow on the roads … what more could a person want in the month of February?

I had looked and written a few brief little notes on my Twitter and made my little ‘tweet’

tweet me!

Like a little itch I had the desire to have a play at ‘Little BIG Planet’ once again – and I have to be honest I am not very good at it yet. I think it’s the fact that I have to remember to use the ‘left knob’ to move - the ‘X’ to jump and the top button at the back to grab and hold onto things and sometimes it seems use all three more or less at the same time!

Well I was playing a level with fire and so it will be no surprise to any of you that I became – well … toast!!!

Me - toast

Me - toast lbp

Me on Little BIG Planet on Friday 13th!

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Shinade said...

Please forgive me Polly for not tweeting. but the last couple of days have been very busy.

I haven't even signed in to tweeter. I will try to very soon.

Also Happy Belated Valentine's Day!:-)

Oh heck I will do it now.:-))))