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Only cats can

Whether it’s relief that is deep within a cats make-up or whether it is something else, I’m not sure but the relaxing pose that most domestic cats fall into when they are contented is also duplicated by their distant cousins. Lions too, can be seen with the exact same pose when they too are not in want for food or water and the world gives them their true desires. Just as a cat will lie exposing their tummy to the world so will lions even if they are surrounded by wild game that could readily trample over them. I have always thought it wonderful how a cat will trust all around them not to tread on their soft under bellies … that is true trust … how many people could portray as much trust as that?

cat relax 26.02.2009Contented cat



liontd Lion after feeding


Kikey Loo said...

dogs also like to lie down like that. :D

Karen, author of "My Funny Dad, Harry" said...

I always was a bit sad that my first cat, Moe, NEVER once in the 7 years I had him laid on his back exposing his belly. I just think something must have happened in his earlier years to make him very cautious around people. I felt bad he never trusted us enough to lay that way.

Frye said...

Yeah, my roommates' dog loves doing that. Not the most attractive thing in the world but it's cute.

Deb DiSalvo said...

Oh, my cat does this too and it cracks me up!

Manz said...

This is a good post. Makes sense.

I believe you're right when you say it's "true trust". A stray cat that we were looking after (he went to the shelter on the weekend) would never let us get near his belly. He became affectionate in the 2 months we cared for him, but NEVER rolled over for a belly rub. My thoughts are with him now... I hope he's doing OK.

Our other 2 cats always lay this way :)