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Two souls joined as one - forever ... and if I should be fortunate enough to be born again in another time and another place with another name and another face I hope and pray that you will join me ... to walk the land again - to hold me in your arms and share the dreams that only lovers can who steal each others souls. My Valentine.

Kloggers/Polly 14/02/2009


dawn said...

Happy Valentine's Day to You!

Scotty's Princess said...

This is a sweet post, Polly! I hope you had the grandest Valentines Day ever!


Dorothy said...

beautiful words..

Happy Valentines Day

Dorothy from grammology

Windmill said...

WoW Polly!

Those are really cool words.

I like it.

Cacai_Nad said...

GReat and sweet! Btw, how was your valentines? I bet it's awesome and memorable. Belated Happy Valentines! Be happy as always. Muahhh!

Shinade said...

Gee whiz I think I clicked on the wrong link. But, if I haven't already then I really should say Happy belated Valentine's Day!!

I saw your tweet and yes my followers are dropping like mad.

Ana told me it's Google doing a change over.

It involves their new box where you join sites. I know you've seen them.

I don't know if they're going to change everyone and all of us over to that format or not.

I hope not. But, I lost a ton of followers. Personally I don't think it's fair. I had a large following and now I'm way down.

I hope we get them back. but, I doubt we will. I guess we will just have to hope that they realize it and follow us again.
Love and hugs,