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Peanut Allergy Cure

This may be of interest to an ever increasing number of people. It was reported on the news that a team at Addenbrooke’s Hospital in Cambridge, England – exposed four children over a six month period to minute doses of peanut flour. The dose was gradually increased until they could eat five whole peanuts every day without adverse affects. This gives these children a chance of a normal life without the concern that every time they come into contact with someone who has eaten peanuts or find themselves in a room where peanuts are being served that they have less chance of going into anaphylactic shock. They still have to carry an emergency injection as a back-up but will be less likely to ever have to use it. It does mean that they will have to remain eating the same quantity of peanuts for the rest of their lives (five peanuts) in case their immunity ceases but it is a promising and hopeful beginning for thousands and thousands of sufferers.

I cannot stress enough that this cure should NEVER be attempted at home or without the guidance of a medical team who are fully qualified and knowledgeable with this particular allergy.

For those wishing to read more please visit BBC News, National Health Service, Mail Online. The latter report mentions other allergies including asthma and hay fever.


Mike Foster said...

Interesting cure for a malady that saddens me, considering I eat an assortment of nuts just about every day...


Shinade said...

Wow Polly this is really quite amazing. So many people have this problem.

I and none that I know of do in my family...thank goodness.

I popped in just a minute ago to grab your addy to get my Feb. top droppers list up.

I wouldn't just pop over and not stop. Well some times I am guilty of just dropping. But, some days it's really tough to get my drops done.

I hope your Saturday is going weel!

julia said...


Very interesting. My daughter is allergic to peanuts and it happened out of the blue when she was about 7. Hard to manage so this is a hopeful message.

Hope all is well

Flo said...

I have allergies myself, but thankfully not to peanuts. How sad and difficult this allergy must be for the poor kids who have it! This article is wonderful news indeed.

Have a great day!