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It’s a picture thing!

I have now been blogging for a little while and have noticed that more and more blogs appear to be spoiling very beautiful pictures by adding the owner’s name or trademark across the centres of photographs. Why? If the photograph is that good, then why spoil it for others? If it is so precious to the owner, why have they placed it in the public domain? Blogs are free, the Web is free, the Internet is wonderful it offers people from all over the world to see and read all kinds of information and pictures all for free – so why ruin it?

If someone who really thinks a picture is worth taking – whether it has writing all over it or not – there are always applications out there (most of which are FREE) whereby names across photographs can be erased. By placing names across photographs it deprives youngsters using these pictures to aid their homework and for the rest of us it just spoils the view!


Rick Vaughn said...

I agree %150!

I saw a great picture taken at the foot of Mount Rushmore (I think) because he had domain in like 64 font plaster right over it. Stupid!

Sandi said...

posted an award for you on my blog. Don't feel obligated to repost unless you want to. ;)

Ginkgo100 said...

"Blogs are free"? Do you allow spam comments on your blog? Of course not — advertising on your space is not free to anyone who wants to leave a spam comment.

I do support free content, and my photo blog only features free images. But intellectual property rights do exist, even on the Internet.

kml said...

hi Polly - I couldn't help but responding. I sell my images online - on my own site and through several stock agencies.

It is part of the way I make my income. To not put a water mark across the image would be so unfair to the thousands of people who have already paid for my images, and to me as I make a living from it.

I must agree though - the watermarks are a pain and it does spoil the the view.

But as I have had my work stolen from me, I try to make it a bit harder for the theives to spend time removing my watermark.

Just another opinion!

take care,

Scotty's Princess said...

I must agree with you, Polly. These bloggers claim ownership for the photos they have captured so what they do is put their domain name over the photographs, which makes it impossible for other people to use.

Well, I understand some do it because I've heard of some photos taken by bloggers that were abused, if you know what I mean. I hope ALL of us should be respectful enough, if we ever grab photos taken by other people, give credit to where it is due...

Goddess said...

I've thought the same thing. If anyone wants to steal it that badly, it's not hard to get rid of those 'trademark' things......

Windmill said...

"Possession is nine tenths of the Law"

These peeps need to put their Watermark, footprint, Copyright, Name, you-name-it for one simple reason - I OWN THAT!

It's always I, Me, My world that we live in.

Anonymous said...

It's an interesting subject. I do post photographs which I hope eventually I may sell, but I never post the original picture and always resize and reduce the resolution. I have always assumed that low-res pictures are very little use to anyone, other than for enjoyment. I hope I'm not wrong because I will be needing any income I can get.

Laane said...

I don't think it's a problem at all, and the names wouldn't be all over the pictures when people would stick to the laws, which also apply to internet.

I saw it as a perfect opportunity to teach my children mine and thine when they wanted photos for their schoolproject.


The secret lies in asking.
Most blogs that use the material of others also give credit. That's linking to the owner of the copyright.

When you ask an owner if the photo or graphic or whatever can be used for a schoolproject, most say "yes" unless they are legally bound too.
My children were taught online politeness that way, and learned about legal rights and about the fact that nothing is for the grasp, but it's good to ask.

I've been surprised by the kind reactions of the rightful owners.
One of them gave all my children the choivce for a poster of his work, because one of my boys was so polite to ask whether he could use an image for his schoolwork.
And he got the image by mail, without watermark, in high quality.

The photos of my deceased daughter were stolen en ridiculed by some people. Wish I'd known about watermarking before.
I had them on my blog to show my online friends how she looked.
My blog was not registered, not in the searchmachines. That was not enough protection.
I hope you're able to see the other side now too.

Kloggers/Polly said...

I appreciate that many people make a living selling photographs - it would be nice if they could however occasionally place pictures that they didnt sell so that we could all appreciate a particular scene or view. Some peoples watermarks, trademarks or names are so large and through the middle of a picture that on the size of an average pc or even worse a small laptop - the picture is just a blur. In some instances it would be difficult to tell the quality of the picture because there is nothing to compare it to - so even if a person made money by selling photographs surely they would sell more if others could see their capabilities.

Laane, I am so sorry that anyone would do this to you. I too have several blogs with family photographs on but I have marked them private and they are only accessible via passwords. When I uploaded my first one I saw one of my photographs of someone very special on a link and was shocked and horrified as the person in question had also died under tragic circumstances. After that I found out how to make the blog secure and that is how it has remained.
I am always amazed how wonderful the majority of people can be but am appalled by the few who appear to have such a hateful, spiteful streak running through their cores. It leaves me wondering at geneticists who maintain that we all come from two female 'Eve's' and a few men long ago in a tiny tribe in Africa. We have a fabulous diversity of people on the Earth most are full of love and without malice ... marred by just the few ... what happened to those along the way to make them the way that they are?

Jen said...

Hi Polly! Thanks for the visit! :D

Just my two cents to this issue. I began placing watermarks over my photos from the time one of my posts were stolen. Literally copied/pasted to a site, with all our faces and the details of our wedding! Imagine my furstration and the girl who stole my article did not budge to my pleadings. I had to go to the admin of the social network to get it fixed. It took time and it was good that they responded. This is the url of the post copied http://www.marriageandbeyond.com/2008/03/03/help-anyone-someone-stole-my-article/

I understand what you mean, but I guess for me the one who took the pictures still has the prerogative to give it to everyone's disposal by not placing watermarks or otherwise. There are a whole lot of free images still over the web. There just might be some valid reasons behind the markings, if the owner would choose to place them. :-)

Have a great week, Polly! God bless you. :-)

C.B. Jones said...

Ah yes, the watermark debate. YOu'll be hardpressed to find anyway who will disagree you. I have no problem with a watermark thats in the lower right of a picture. I can understand it being there as a signature. That isn't annoying at all, it's like an artist drawing or painting something and adding his name to the piece.

When the watermark is dead center, that's when it gets on my nerves. I think getty images places there watermark in the middle of all pictures. If you're going to do that, I'd rather not even look at the pic. If it's that important, don't upload it or share it with the public.

mystique said...

Hey Polly!

I am a photography enthusiast and so,somehow I know that these people do it to protect their prized photos against thieves who are undeniably lurking everywhere specially in the internet waiting for something to grab and claim it as their own. However, I am so sad by the fact too that in doing so, the photo loses its beauty by the markings made by the same person who took the shot.

I really appreciate those who put their names or signatures on the bottom of the picture or somewhere just enough for us to see who the owner is yet does not essentially ruin the whole image.

Bottom line is, even in the cyber world, we have to respect other people's possesion. And if we really want to borrow it,we can always ask just like what we do in the real world. ^_^

Success With Women said...

i agree with you ginkgo100, even though is free but we have to respect other intellectual property rights.

SASSY MOM said...

Hi, Polly! I too am guilty of doing that. It's because I want people to know that it came from me and not just steal. They can actually if they really want.

Shinade said...

Hi Polly,
First I just wanted to say that. Wow the weather let up a little bit. But, we have storms moving in again later today.

As you know I too also use watermarks. Even on my low resolution pictures.

I do so because I know that many do come through and will take your pictures and claim them as your own.

I try to put my watermark in a spot that doesn't completely ruin the picture.

And yes you are correct there are many out there that can simply remove the watermark anyway.

But, if the watermark is placed in the right location, even for the most determined, it makes the removal of the watermark tedious.

Also for those that don't know how to remove them then your property is safe.

I am so sorry that you are not enjoying our photos as much as you possibly could.

But, the watermarks are essential to those of us who sale or have plans to sale our work.

Now with that said I have to dash off. We are under tornado warnings today. So once again I will be shut down later again today!

Thanks and I hope you are having a good day!

Jen said...

Thanks again Polly for the comment :D I now understand better where you're coming from. You're right! :D

Btw, I have a tag for you :D

Jen said...

sorry wrong link hehe :D that's one of a friend's blog. Here's the correct link. Sorry! http://www.marriageandbeyond.com/2009/02/10/the-penmanship-tag/

Chronic Chick Talk said...

Twitter Link is www.twitter.com/chronicchick

Thanks Chronic Chick

uglykidjoey said...

Its okay I guess if its not getting in the way of viewing a perfectly good image. Placing them in the lower left or right side of a picture is okay with me

MamaFlo said...

The watermarks are important and essential in this day and age, thieves are everywhere. You can train your eye to look through some of the watermarks.

Kloggers/Polly said...

I have no wish to argue with anyone regarding watermarks/trade marks/personal names and website names. My opinions are personal to me - but I will add one more point to the discussion and that is ... when you visit a shop of great quality such as Harrods they do give out free samples - this increases their sales - a tried and proven practise. Surely it therefore makes sense for those who make a living selling their photographs online to at least have a few show pieces without watermarks, etc ... to show off the quality of their work (their are also safety techniques that can be used ... whereby if someone tries to copy a picture a screen comes over the shot with words such as please do not copy my work).

Anyway enough said ... good luck to anyone who makes a living with their photographs - my general first blog post was really relating to just general bloggers with every day photographs.

Best wishes, Polly