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Healing woollen yarn

As a child, I was often reminded how lucky I was to be born in a time when it was free to go to the doctor, dentist and optician. My mother and father, on the other hand, could remember what it was like when they had to pay. People would go without food so that they had enough money for a visit to the doctors. This is partly how socialism or having a consience into the well being of your fellow man, was born. It was either that or continuing with a philosophy of ‘the I’m all right Jack’ syndrome that is apparent in many other parts of the world. The fact is, state aid for all is the only way we can be assured that people aren’t left to die. If you disagree with this then, as they say in Yorkshire … ‘think on’ as you will need to ask yourself how many times in your life have you stopped and given aid to a stranger? Not the dip into your pockets for a coin aid – but taking someone in – a homeless stranger off the street, perhaps? Or may be taking an elderly person to do their weekly shopping, tidying someone’s garden who is no longer able to … the list is endless. What you do have to ask yourself is if you do not help others, especially those that have no-one then what would happen to them if we had a health service, etc that you could only access if you had health insurance? What would happen to those who couldn’t afford health insurance? They would be left to die as they were before everyone had the right to free health care. The world is a very lonely and frightening place for those who are ill and are without friends, family or money or the means to seek help for themselves!

All kinds of healing practices sprung up years ago when times were hard for the majority of people many of which have either been forgotten or secretly passed down from mother to daughter…

One of my favourite healing remedies was told to me as a child whilst I was sitting on my mother’s lap. At the time, my mother was in her thirties and she was telling me a story … one that she made up about a little girl who went on an errand for her mother … I can remember, despite the story not being finished, saying to her “Why have you got that wool on your wrist?” My mother stopped her tale and looked at her wrist … she had a length of wool knitting yarn approximately two feet in length tied fairly tightly around and round her wrist. “It’s to cure my arm ache” she said and continued “if you get a pain or ache in your wrist or arm then woollen yarn cures it – I don’t know how it works, it’s a very old remedy, but it does.” She said.

I have never forgotten this little magical cure and I am passing it on to you … she used to keep on the woollen band for a few days until the pain went (be careful not to tie it so tightly that the blood supply to the hand is cut off). I have used it myself – nature is a wonderful thing if we use what it has to offer.

Little note: please be careful and if you do have a problem that won’t go away then it is best to pay a visit to your doctor.


Lenox Knits said...

Very interesting post. I guess my arms will be safe since I have wool constantly around me.

Shinade said...

What a wonderful post Polly. As an American who lives in a society where if you can't afford insurance, or, you don't have enough money, then you usually suffer until you either die or get stuck in an over crowded, understaffed county hospital.

But, we nasty little so called left wing liberals over here are working very hard to change this. But, it is truly a steep hill to climb.

Also thank you for the tip concerning the yarn. I often have problems with my ankles and will give this a go!!:-)

Matt said...

How awesome is that? Woolen yarn? Well, I never! I'll have to ry that for my carpal tunnel. :)

Thanks for the helpful info! Have a great weekend.

BetterSpines said...

That's amazing. Does the wool have to be a particular colour?