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Midnight at the oasis

The night was jet black, the air was so quiet and still – it was almost like an old black and white film, the part just before something is about to happen …

It did. Strange noises came from the garden … rumbles, rustles and deep guttural creaking groans followed by a rather load quacking noise. So … I ventured out with the camera - ‘wouldn’t you?’

Softly creeping, torch in hand – I shone its brightly gleaming beam all around the garden. I couldn’t see anything. I took a few steps more and my feet began to crunch under pebbles as I drew near to the pond. To my amazement, these orchestral rumblings were coming from all around the pond and underneath the water I could see at least twenty frogs. Some were resting, some were swimming and the remainder were mating … there should be some early frogspawn in the pond this year.

I began to take photographs and managed just two before the batteries in my camera died … the first was taken hurriedly at one perched right in front of me. The second – and this is why the batteries died was taken after I had lifted the netting that protects the fish from herons. I had left the camera on and lost the possibility of capturing more pictures of these beautiful amphibians. For those of you who wonder how the frogs get in and out of the pond with the netting in place – the netting has several areas that are lifted especially for the frogs and so they also are safe from predators and this includes the cat!

Frog looking for mate 24.02.2009


Frogs mating 24.02.2009


Sandi said...

that sounds really cool. I'd love to see all those frogs. :)

Shinade said...

Oh you did get some pictures fantastic!!

That reminds me I need to re-charge the batteries for my camera too.

We don't have many frogs. Our ducks and the turtles eat all of the tad poles I think.

Yayyyy I am showing again as a follower here!

Oh my goodness what a mess they created huh? Wow a notice would have been nice.

I was stunned yesterday to se 40 or 50 people missing. I was heart broken actually. I couldn't begin to imagine what I had done to make so many leave.

Well is water under the bridge now. I just hope they come back or figure out how to change their settings.

I would say if you are showing public on all of yours then you aren't missing from anyone's blog count of followers. You are showing up in mine.

But, my goodness I do so hope you get all of your followers back too!


How fantastic and what a sight! I wish my pond had frogs. I had one but I found it deceased. by my pond. I wish we had more.Great pics and thanks for the twitter feed and followers help!!!

pehpot said...

EC dropping, have a nice day!

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