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Little BIG Planet

I have discovered a place to visit and have adventures and I must admit, when I first spied it, I never thought there would be this incredulous desire and heart stopping feeling well up inside me to become an active ‘sackboy’ (or should I say sackgirl) explorer. The place I am describing is, of course, Little BIG Planet … I am smitten with this game and now have made my own character. Say … Hallo ………. to me.

Little BIG Planet - me

My sackgirl image taken off the television screen by my digital camera.

There are several things about this game that are appealing to adults (or course children are drawn to it the game for similar reasons) firstly, it uses physics so things move in realistic ways. The graphics are crisp and clear from the sack material of your character (and everyone else’s) to the cardboard, bricks, wood, sponge and glass of the items made within the landscape. Accomplishing your mission to get from the beginning to the end of the particular level you are in is not only addictive but gripping.

What is unusual about the game is that once you are in to it you can actually produce a small adventure yourself for others to play in … the game therefore keeps on increasing in size as there are so many zones. On top of this there are various community levels … you can also play with other people over the Internet.

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fwaggle said...

I love LittleBigPlanet!

I don't play it as much as I used to - we tore through it far too quickly by playing too much (it kept my wife and I up until about 6am one night, mostly doing "Boomtown"!) so I have a pretty short attention span for it, but I don't regret spending the money on it in the slightest.

I'm hoping to see some more level packs, because while some of the community maps are fantastic, there's an awful lot of pure crap out there. The MGS pack was definitely worth the money (if nothing else for the paintinator alone!) so I'd gladly buy more content packs as they come along (though I refuse to spend money on any of the costumes that are out).


This looks like so much fun! I am going to show this to my girls and they will love it. Love your little tweet at the bottom!

Windmill said...

Hi Polly,

You have a Valentine Meme to collect at:


Happy Valentine!

Veronica Lee said...

Happy Valentine's Day!

Mariuca said...

"Stars are like friends; there's always some around, you just need to find your favourite one."

Happy Valentine’s Day from Wishing on a Falling Star

LadyBanana said...

It looks very cute.. I'm at the website trying to make a wallpaper with lots of banana on!

janis said...

I love Little Big Planet too!!! :D