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Apology, sorry …. well that’s all right then, isn’t it?

Where has this idea come from – where people are under the illusion that no matter what they do in life, it is all washed away with an apology? It all appeared to have started with the banking community just around the time when we were all beginning to realise the state of the world economy and how it may affect us as individuals. Those first speedy mumbled apologies shot out of our televisions along with some of the most self-righteous smirks I have ever encountered. Now everyone, no matter what they have done seems to be following suit.

I have news for all those who use this mediocre way of trying to extricate themselves from a bad position – sorry is simply not enough.  It doesn’t undo any wrongs and it doesn’t help put them right. We currently have the biggest scandal to have rocked the Houses of Parliament … where our MP’s have been caught claiming all kinds of sums of money for all kinds of goods and services. This list is so long and varied that a person could dedicate a whole blog about it. One of the most bazaar being ‘a floating duck island’ – Floating Duck Island Storythis was claimed by a member of the British Conservative Party.

All I would say to this ‘I am sorry brigade’ is simply do the honourable thing and RESIGN!!


Sandi said...

I absolutely agree. Sometimes "I'm sorry" seems almost rude and just plain laughable. It is appropriate sometimes...but there are also times when it seems they should just be saying "I'm sorry I got caught".

Grampy said...

Isn't that wonderful. I lose my house here in the USA and the pollititions are having a ball with our tax dollars(pounds)

Jan from BetterSpines said...

Hi! I have no idea what you are talking about but I just love the way you do it! We don't watch the news or other negative stuff, so truly I don't know anything. I am awestruck about your indignation!