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Winding woody woodbine, heady hardy honeysuckle

Honeysuckle years ago was mainly called woodbine. It has a surprising number of varieties and variations in colour. This particular one, is a very old English variety and was my mother’s favourite. These pictures were taken in the early evening when the perfume of the plant is particularly strong. This variety of woodbine or honeysuckle has a rich strong perfume that is a subtle mixture of vanilla and cinnamon. The smell of its flowers is at its richest when the evening dew descends upon the blossom or there is a light, fine rainfall that moistens the whole plant …

Woodbine or honeysuckle - perfumed with vanilla and cinnamon

Woodbine aka honeysuckle Woodbine or honeysuckle in May

Close-up of woodbine or honeysuckle Woodbine or honeysuckle


Jan from BetterSpines said...

I never knew that woodbine was honeysuckle! I do so envy your spring in the northern hemisphere, here in the tropics everything is very beautiful in a different way but we do not have that glorious awakening from the wintry depths.

BC Doan said...

They are just glorious! Beautiful photo of flowers..

Ailurophile said...

Beautiful pictures. Loved the photos of the pink rose in the previous post too :)