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Gone in the blink of an eye

It’s May and it should be a calm, warm and pretty month. A month of reflection, rebirth and vibrant with a million variations of every colour of the rainbow – in the air, on the ground and in the trees and bushes. The wind and rain has other ideas and as it gushes in fits and starts along with heavy spatters of hail and rain we are left with only glimpses of the brightest of jewels on the landscape.

I managed to snatch a quick photograph of one of my most favourite of poppies. I found these beautiful golden flowers whilst holidaying in Scotland. I plucked off just one flimsy head of the yellow flower when it had barely gone to seed and just crossed my fingers in the hope that one or two seeds would be advanced enough to germinate. Not only did they grow but two years later several of the flowers changed colour and became either deep gold or bright orange. This Celtic poppy is often found in both Scotland and Wales busily bouncing its flowery heads by the roadside verges. It makes an excellent garden border plant being both colourful, long lasting and a hardy perennial.

Celtic poppy

Celtic poppy affectionately known both as the Welsh or Scottish poppy

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