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Rice Pudding

As a child I thought everyone knew how to make rice pudding … but it is surprising how many people haven’t experienced the pleasure of making their own.

For those who would like to try out this most English of puddings then here are the basic instructions:

The oven should be set to approx Gas Mark 2/300F/150C.

For best results you will need to purchase a packet of pudding rice (polished short grain rice); granulated sugar; whole pasteurized milk or sterilized milk; butter; nutmeg.

Preferably use a medium Pyrex dish. Rub a small amount of butter around the dish roughly a third to half-way down (only a small smear is required). Wash two heaped tablespoonfuls of rice and place in the bottom of the dish … add one or two level tablespoonfuls of sugar … pour on one pint of milk (568 ml) … gently stir round three or four times … lastly sprinkle a little nutmeg on the top.

Place the pudding quite low in the oven … When cooked a lovely dark skin forms on the top of the pudding whilst the bottom becomes thick and creamy … this usually takes between two to two-and-three-quarter hours.

The pudding may be eaten either hot or cold.

Try it and enjoy it!

Note: To all my American friends …… please remember that an English pint is larger than a US pint – you will need 568 ml of milk …… also an English tablespoon is around double the US tablespoon - you will need the equivalent of four teaspoons (20 ml) for every tablespoon measurement.


LadyBanana said...

My Grandad used to make the most wonderful rice puddings.. But me, I'm way too dis-organised to make something that takes soo long to cook!

Kathryn said...

To be fair mom, I am quite rubbish at making rice pudding :-|