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Wonderfully white

The white Christmas cactus has now bloomed three times this year … that is if you can count the first one which began its flowering season in November and ran through and lingered over the New Year and into January.

It hasn’t really grown in height much since those first early flowers but continues to delight with short rest periods of no flowers in between Christmas cactus – Angel.


Angel cactus - Christmas cactus white Angel cactus – Christmas cactus white


liza said...

First time I've seen one. It's beautiful Polly.

Btw, thank you so much for being a top dropper at Mommy's Little Corner.

Anonymous said...

So very lovely and to bloom three times I have orchids in a small pot which have been very good to me...how I love little flowers.

Dorothy from grammology

Meghann said...


Anonymous said...

wOnderfUl.,i like it!!1