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Creep creep creeper, creeper

Some medium sized green leaves pushed their way under the fence from next door. They appeared interesting as in the sunshine the leaves looked as though they had been sprayed with a silver white thick line slightly away from their circumference. The thick tendrils mysteriously crept along the clay soil in several directions … I had to wait and see how they developed … I searched my mind to see if I could recall ever having seen a plant like this before …

It was not until it flowered that I recognized the plant -

Yellow Archangel or Weasel Snout

Yellow Archangel or Weasel Snout

Yellow Archangel known affectionately as Weasel Snout

This was a plant from my childhood. It hung about down country lanes, on the far side of ditches and on canal towpaths. When I first spied one I thought it was a nettle and remember saying “look at that yellow nettle.” I was much older when I learned that it was Weasel Snout which belongs to the mint family rather than the nettle family. So … the beautiful creeper that crept under the fence from next door’s garden was not an exotic plant but, in fact, a wild flower!

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Me And Craig said...

Those creepers can take over a yard-
That's for sure!
We have been overthrown by our neighbor's "Creeping Charlie!"
It is similar to what you described-
Only it has pretty little purple flowers on it.
It is CHOKING out my lawn :-(