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High on a roll

He’s back! The ‘stray’ cat that has cried at my back door in the cold, that meowed a curdling dirge night after night … sleekly and silently he pawed his way over to the catmint and began furiously rolling about in it. As he sucked in the strong, heady wafts of minty aroma his eyes rolled about and he was clearly out-of-this-world. My own cat looked on from a distance. She has never used this plant in such an audacious way … she has always just lay on the path a little below it, catching an occasional whiff on the breeze before rolling onto her back and lolling gently back onto her front. She has never been high on catnip …

Cat high on catmint

Cat in catmint

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MommaYoung said...

Awww, how cute!