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English Rose

How could a rose become more beautiful? Am I becoming impatient rushing to take pictures too quickly? On this occasion I have been caught out. We are experiencing a most wonderful ‘little heat wave’ at the moment and so rather than the petals on the flowers being blown and dashed they are slowly reaching perfection. There is nothing quite so perfect as an English rose … if only this medium would allow the publishing of smells as this one is soft romance interlaced with a touch of feather beds, sweeter and more sugary than honey. I feel as though I could bathe in the smell and wash its fragrance all over me.

Both pictures are of roses from the same plant. The first is the same pink rose, now more fully open, of the rose captured a few days ago. The second is a rose just two feet away – it doesn’t quite have so many petals but is showing its stamen softly sprinkled with yellow pollen. These pictures were taken within a few seconds of each other on exactly the same setting and yet the lighting looks so different …

Englsih rose in the shade

Englsih roseEnglish rose


Lola said...

They are so beautiful. I love the pink.

Congrats on being a top dropper at the diner!

oner said...

NIce share...
Hope you read my blog too :)

julia said...

Hi Polly

Long time no talk. Life is sooo busy...Love your roses..I am getting eggs from my chickens!!!

Talk soon