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Gusty gales

This May, so far has brought with it gushes of gusty gales … and so it is speeding by without people being able to fully enjoy the tapestry of colours that are woven into the hedgerows and garden borders. The lilacs are currently in full bloom – the white almost appears to be a much weaker plant then the purple, mauve and lilac versions. Within a day or so of the white lilac blooms opening they became bruised and tinged with brown. Their perfume is only a faint ghost of the richer, darker, plush, feathery plumes of the more traditional varieties.

White lilac - ravaged by gales

White lilac – ravaged by gales

Lilac - purple

Purple lilac

Purple lilac

Factoid fun: sunshine is the engine of the wind.


Life must be lived as play said...

so beautiful this lilac .. i love it

Life must be lived as play said...

love this flower