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Although rhubarb is eaten as a pudding, the rhubarb plant is in fact a vegetable as it is the stalk that is cooked and eaten. Rhubarb has been used for hundreds of years as a cure for both constipation and diarrhoea dependent upon the quantity used (old books usually say a goodly portion for constipation and a nugget or two for diarrhoea).

The price of rhubarb in the shops is now at an all time high and in some places is around £3.00 for four sticks … so it is best to consider buying a plant. Rhubarb plants will thrive in the corner of the garden and provide several crops every year, which can be used in just a simple pudding or pie or made into a sumptuous compote for adding to ice cream or spreading on toast. Remember when growing rhubarb to only harvest the stalks – cut off the leaves for composting as they are deadly poison!

rhubarb, chives and a cowslip

My young rhubarb plant next to some chives and nestling below a cowslip.

It is Monday, 4th May today and is a National holiday in England ~ Happy May Day Everyone!

Cooking: In general it is usually roughly cut or chopped in pieces measuring around one inch or two centimetres. Place in a saucepan - add one teaspoonful of sugar for each stem and one teaspoonful of water for each stem. Simmer slowly - rhubarb softens up (cooks) very quickly - it also produces a large amount of juice so doesn't need too much water added to it - just enough to stop it sticking to the saucepan bottom.


flit said...

thanks for this - rhubarb is something I have been thinking I would like to grow - now I feel like I have enough information to go ahead and buy a plant or two

liza said...

I've seen rhubarbs being used for desserts in cooking shows. I haven't tasted it because we don't have it here.

Btw, I have an award for you here. Feel free to grab it when you have the time.

Take care dear!

Sandi said...

I love Rhubarb. It's one of mine and my hubby's favorite pies. I used to pick them fresh out of a field as a kid. I was told the leaves were poison so thankfully I never munched on those. I think back though and I probably really shouldn't have been picking those. haha

juliana said...

I've seen quite a few pie recipes using rhubarb. I have yet to try making one though.

btw, I just replied to your comment on my blog on your email.

LadyBanana said...

I love rhubarb, especially in a crumble!!

Auntie E said...

in Missouri we grew rhubarb. I love it. Yes it is a vegetable. I will have to post some recipes on my cook book site this month. Make a great relish dish. I will look it up.

Maria@Conversations with Moms said...

Rhubarb is something that I've never thought about much. You've made me curious enough to want to plant some.

Harry Seenthings said...

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FishHawk said...

I've never heard of Rhubarb pudding. In fact, I have only ate it as a pie--either by itself or mixed with strawberries.

I didn't know that the leaves where deadly poison, neither. My goodness, one can learn all kinds of stuff here!

Descartes said...

My favorite pie the Fruit of The Forest Pie, which features rhubarb as one the main ingredients.

Great stuff rhubarb.

Suburban Survivalist Blogger said...

Wow. I did not know that Rhubarb was actually the stalk and not the leaves, and more importantly I did not realize that the leaves were poisionious! Thanks for the good post. I may make some comments on this on my blog!