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The bright fires of June

June is the sixth month of the year and with it comes a wealth of sayings that have been passed down to us from years gone by. It has a very special day that has been celebrated since before pre-Christian times that is situated around the Summer Solstice. Midsummer’s Day was long ago linked to all kinds of fancies, whispers and secrets that were interwoven with witches, fairies, ancient magic, celebration and dancing. Midsummer’s Eve would bring with it the lighting of the bonfire … this was done as people believed that with the lengthening of the days the sun was losing its power, becoming weaker possibly dying and losing its flames. The custom of lighting the bonfire on the longest day of the year began so people could give back the flame and light to the sun to protect it. Then like magic the days that followed became shorter and shorter protecting the sun’s energy.

The longest day of the year which this year is 21st June, the Summer Solstice.

Black magical crowBlack magical crow


“The fairies of Midsummer came and dipped their toes in dew then laughed and danced and sung their songs - then just before dawn away they flew.” Anon

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Garret said...

Very interesting article. I never remember the longest day of the year...these days every day is ;)