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Yes, I know that this isn’t the usual spelling but as a child one of the questions that went around schools and homes was simply this:

  • What’s a mith? The answer was a female moth.

There must be very few people who were born in the fifties, sixties, seventies and eighties that haven’t heard that question.


I borrowed a 10 mega pixel camera just to see if it looked any sharper than my old 5 mega pixel one. Taking a close-up picture of this moth should help me to decide whether the 10 mega pixel one looks any clearer. I’m still not certain …

I am still trying to find out the name of the moth!


Suzanne said...

Between 5 million and 10 million pixels there is no difference on the computer screen. You screen will not have more than 2 million pixels to display anyway.
You would have to print the pictures in wallpaper size before you can see any difference. So, as long as you use your pictures in the computer and/or print them picture sized, there is really no point in spending money on a camera with 10 mega pixels.

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