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Leaf-cutter bees progress

The Insect House is looking a little more shabby this year and although the bee activity has begun much later than previous years the bees are making excellent progress. There appear to be more of the Leaf-cutter bees this year. They are buzzing around both the little shed where the insect house sits and also around the bird table. I think they may be looking for extra holes to adapt as breeding chambers – time will tell.

Leaf-cutter bee cleaning bamboo chamber Leaf-cutter bee cleaning a bamboo chamber


Leaf-cutter bee cleaning bamboo chamber - facing forwards

Leaf-cutter bee leaving bamboo chamber

This year’s Leaf-cutter bees are working at a very fast pace – but they are not so meticulous with their housekeeping chores and the bamboo canes that the bees convert into chambers to lay their eggs do not look so scrupulously clean as usual. 

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bees said...

Well, it is a beautiful little bamboo house for them maybe they are not so pleased with the weather this year.