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Clustrmap ……….. archive

The Clustrmap admin have notified that my little visitor’s map is once more to be archived … so I’m starting from dot or zero once more …

I enjoy looking at the different visitors I get from all over the world and I find it amazing just how many areas of the world not only look at my blog but have access to the Internet. This is an opportunity for me to say thank you to everyone both near and far that either regularly look at my blog or occasionally take a peek ……………………………… Thank you, one and all and a further thank you to those who stop by and comment.

Latest copy of my visitor’s map just prior to archiving:

Clustrmap from 18 June 2008 to 18 June 2009Clustrmap Visitor’s Map

For those wishing to add Clustrmap to their blogs here is the link. 

Total number of visitors from 17 June 2007 is 135,257 - this archive picture is from 18 June 2008

Note: This is the second archive of Clustrmap for this blog.


Jan from BetterSpines said...

I can almost see my house! Well ...
It's great that you have so many visitors from all over the place.

Heryrhey said...

Very informative here

EastCoastLife said...

Hi from sunny Singapore! :D
I always enjoy stopping by your blog for your lovely article.