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Wild white woodbine or honeysuckle

A surprise awaited me as I strolled down one of the local lanes … it was the palest of wild honeysuckle plants. It had wound its way through the hawthorn and poked out several of its blossoms. I picked just a couple of the branches with flowers and managed to gently prize off another small woody branch at its elbow, which I have planted in the back garden in the hope of creating a new plant.

Wild white honeysuckle or woodbine found in WorcestershireWild white woodbine or honeysuckle


Laane said...


I planted honeysuckle in the garden and it found it's way to many places. The smell of it. Sooo goooodddd.!

BK said...

Many surprises we will find when we just take time to look around in our lives. Perhaps that why people said, "stop and smell the roses along the way." Hope that you will be successful with the creating a new plant. :)

Liz said...

It looks so pretty!