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A friend in seed …

When the children were small we would walk to and fro from school this gave us all a chance to meet and chat with friends every day. On one particular day a friend gave me a few plants for the garden she declared that they had all been grown from seed. One variety was a tall yellow daisy the other was several yellow ‘wallflowers’ ….. the latter as it happened, although looking remarkably like a wallflower and having a sweet fragrance was, I am saddened to say, a weed. I still keep having the seedlings of this weed popping up all over the place – here is a picture of it … It is, of course, Treacle Mustard, a wild flower and member of the cabbage family.

Treacle Mustard

Treacle Mustard


Ratty said...

I admittedly don't know much about flowers, but I'm amazed to find out something in the cabbage family would have flowers. There are probably a lot of them, but I just never thought of cabbages with flowers. I learn something new every day. Good stuff.

Kloggers/Polly said...

All of the cabbage plant family have flowers. Most are similar to Treacle Mustard but with quite a few less flowers and often more spread out, Sometimes towards the end of a the cabbage season you will occasionally find a cabbage flower all curled up in its centre. Old broccoli will form buds and open up into flower as well as purple and green sprouting and of course the stems of the sprout

Dorothy said...

Lovely and when we walk we enjoy rubbing buttercups under or chin I did this as a kid.

Dorothy from grammology

julia said...

Beautiful examples of mother nature on your blog..always a pleasure


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