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Midsummer madness

The twenty-forth day of June, Midsummer’s Day … the wild abandonment of the free spirit, a day of portend, ritual, love and anticipation. A day when all things are possible and even dreams come true.

Time to look out for fairy rings, the tiny toadstools that from time-to-time grow in a circle … but only, it is said, when fairies dance by the light of the moon. When you find one then simply stand in the middle, turn around three whole times, close your eyes and make a wish. It is claimed that the wish will be all the more potent if done when the moon has risen.

If love has been found then rose petals should be gathered at the full height of the sun, placed in a wooden bowel then in the early evening as the dew is falling -softly sprinkle them onto the earth and walked slowly over the area. This ensures love will be steadfast and true.

The poker plant is now in perfect bloom.

Red hot poker

Red Hot Poker

I have had my gift from the fairies … the beautiful leaf-cutter bees made their first debut of this year today. The little insect house is looking a little worse for wear. It is another year older, has developed a crack in the front of the lower section and is currently covered with debris from the over-hanging tree, the odd thread of spider’s web and the remains of last year’s leaf-cutter bee clutter that was used to seal up the bamboo nesting site. The bees are dutifully pulling and pushing to clear the holes ready for this year’s new chambers to make ready for their eggs.

The insect house

Leaf-cutter bee - 2009

Leaf-cutter Bees


Auntie E said...

Now are they small or big bees. do you have a lot of them? do not recall hearing about Leaf Cutter Bee before.

Dwacon® said...

I like the poker plant!

Maria said...

Happy summer! It's the first time I've seen the flower.

Back here, summer is over and right now we have a storm. Thanks for visiting Polly and for sharing your views. :)

Windmill said...

Hi Polly,

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Thank You!

MAC said...

Your writing was beautiful!