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Mysterious soft fleshy rambler

Today I began to pull out the odd weed which had managed in some instances to have clung to the honeysuckle and in the darkness and shade pulled upwards towards the light. Most of the weeds were commonplace and I could name them quite easily. I have had a problem with Cleavers or Goosegrass (Galium aparine) for several years. This intertwines with the bushy plants and so it requires some pulling and tugging to detach it then it attaches itself to me! As I pulled another plant landed in my hands – one I had not seen before. It was either a climber or a rambler with a soft fleshy stem. I cannot find any reference to it in any of my plant books … I am stumped. Perhaps it is an introduced variety or may be a bird has dropped a seed – here it is does anyone recognise it?


Soft fleshy rambling plant

Wild soft fleshy rambling plant

Close up of flower of the soft fleshy rambler  Soft fleshy rambling plant


Mike Golch said...

Sorry I cannot help you with this one.

Diff.Thinkr said...

This blog of yours is very fascinating.Amazing eye you got there and good photography.Looking forward to more updates........oh yeah .... your high level of curiosity impresses me :)