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Shark attack

We very occasionally hear about Great White’s attacking people in the water. I was shocked, however, to hear that according to a naturalist slot on the news – man has now killed off, hunted, wiped out, destroyed over ninety percent (90%) of the world’s shark population. Most sharks are harmless and even frightened of man. They are a very ancient fish and have been around for more than 450 million years …. but at this rate this will be yet another creature hunted into extinction.

Perhaps we should really think about protecting sharks as they are an important part of the eco system and if we lose them what will this do to our planet?


Dead shark copyDead shark


Mike Golch said...

I agree,they have been here longer that we have.

MamaFlo said...

Humans do everything in excess and don't think about the consequences until it's too late. We've done this same thing to way too many species of fish and wildlife.
It's sad.

Sandi said...

wow...that is very disturbing information. I agree sharks look scary. I really do but I think I was conditioned to believe that about all sharks at a young age by watching movies like Jaws! lol I however don't think we should hunt them all down out of fear. That's terrible. What would our world be without some of it's most terrifying creatures? Like sharks, tigers, lions, crocodiles? I can't imagine.

Garry said...

That is serious news, I recently ate shark when I was in Barbados and it tasted rather good. But in the future it shall be off the menu for me.

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