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Vampire voting

Today, it has been a time for those who are of age to place their ‘X’ on voting slips for the candidate or candidates of their choice. Some have been voting in the Euro Elections for their European Member of Parliament whilst others have voted both for their Euro MP and any local MP’s whose seat has come up in the bi-elections.

From the depths of my being, no matter what anyone’s feelings may be or whatever their political bent I believe that we all have a duty to vote.

The moment that we give up that right or simply can’t be bothered is the time when we give away our country, our freedom and our rights. Those who don’t vote, in a sense, give their rights, freedom and their country away to any despot that would take those rights, beliefs and way of life away from us. The easiest way to invade and take over a country is simply to make its people weak and lethargic in their reasoning … not being bothered to vote is the first step to take away values and rights that make life wonderful. Added to this – it has really not been all that long since we have all had the right to vote. Not so many years ago the only people who could vote were male owners of property. It took many people much fighting for rights both for the ordinary working man and for women to achieve voting for all … and we should never forget that some paid the ultimate price of their life in order that we might have this privilege.



* Never be a vampire and suck the life out of your country always use your vote!

* “A vampire voter put simply is someone who gives up the right to vote – in other words they abstain.”

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Mike Golch said...

I for one have always voter ever since I became of age to vote.