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Calla lily

This Calla lily, a South African plant, was given to me as a present. To give a lily has special meaning. The first is easy to remember as it is signified by the shape of the flower, a horn or trumpet which calls hope from afar. The second is taken from the new growth forever pushing upwards and stands for life. The third from the simplicity of the flower is purity. The fourth is the military way the plant holds itself and represents steadfastness. The fifth is the shape of the leaf which is pointed like a spear or arrow and means love – some say that its leaves are the very arrows of cupid.

Never give a lily plant to anyone that you truly do not care about as it is thought to bring misfortune to a person who is not presenting their heart.

Plant lilies in your garden if you have someone who is away to deliver them safely back to you …

‘Treasure the lily for it shows the path that the purest soul may take to reach safety.’ Anon

Calla Lily -

Calla Lily

Calla Lily

The Calla lily sheds tears every evening and through the night and you can see the tear drops forming at the tips of the leaves. When it is morning the tears stop.


Jan from BetterSpines said...

Well I've never heard that! I love lilies, and have day-lilies in my garden. I wonder if they have the same meaning?

Shinade aka Jackie said...

our middle and my oldest daughter Pam paid a fortune to have Calla's at her February wedding in Maine.

They are very favorite of all flowers and mine too.

EC just announced changes and I am back and open to ads.

Go to their blog. It's wonderful. they listened to us.

Peace my friend!

Ann said...

Great info on lillies, I never knew all of that

Shinade aka Jackie said...

Polly, I posted your opinion and I certainly understand it. Wowzer, I had no idea that I might make you upset.

I thought I read somewhere that paying a fee would be a viable way for EC to go.

For us personally, here in America, as we are going commercial, we can deduct this money a valid expense for advertising.

Actually any and all blogs in the U.S. that make any profit whatsoever from their blogs can mostly claim a tax deduction.

Also the ones that are faith based may qualify for a deduction if their blogs are considered an online ministry.

I don't know how the tax system works in the UK. But, here we don;t have a flat tax and need deductions to keep from having to pay our government every year.

I hope this clears it up a little at least in regards to my change of mind.


philly5113 said...

I love lilies and Calla lily is one of my favorites. I never knew the meaning or how special they really are. Such good information. Thanks

Chris said...

I have a calla lily that I inherited from my grandma 15 years ago when she died. I just recently gave a part of it to my nephew and his new wife (her favorite flower) for their new home so it lives on. Grandma would be so happy that it is continuing in the family.