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World population

We all rarely take time to consider what is really happening in the world … if you can spare just a few brief seconds - then please take a look at the following link and prepare to be truly amazed:



Anonymous said...

Are you kidding me? that is nuts! Where did you find this? Certainly an eye opener!

Reel Advice said...

Wow! Just shows how amazing our world is! :P

Dave said...

Truly amazing stats, Thanks for the link.

JessQ said...

Truly amazing, indeed!! Very ingenious piece of demographics presentation. How can I put this in my site?

Shinade aka Jackie said...

You are absolutely incredible Polly. I don't have a clue how you mange to do and find all the things you do!!

Wow that was a bit of a shocker and very fascinating!!

This is just one of many reasons you inspire me!!


Happy weekend!! See ya' when I get up in a few hours!!:D