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Worcestershire walk

Have you ever stumbled across a place that feels as though you may have tumbled straight into a children’s fairytale? I have found such a place. It is quiet, secretive, beautiful, enchanting and peaceful. I walked along its trail and felt as though I had entered into paradise. It is so magical that for once I think I’ll keep you all guessing and will lock its location away … as a secret …

Worcestershire walk

Worcestershire walk


Duncan said...

I run a lot and stumble upon places like that every now and then. It certainly is a treat to find them! I don't blame you for keeping the location secret, most times I hope no one else discovers what I begin to call "my trails."

Beth (Margie and Edna's Basement) said...

Oh, how pretty! I love places like that, especially when you find them accidentally. :)