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Up and under

I spotted this upturned tree on a late afternoon stroll. Surprisingly, although it must have been dislodged in a storm, there is little evidence of any kind of root ball. What shocked me was the lack of any kind of visible roots at all. I have occasionally seen trees pulled up by a storm before but prior to this there has always been substantial roots attached to the base of the trunk. This was quite an established tree of many years growth and yet it didn’t appear to have any anchorage into the ground apart from a few wispy roots on the outer edge.

Upturned tree roots ... possible storm damage

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SANDY said...

I agree that is odd. I like to hike, did more in my earlier years than now; but know how we'd come upon a fallen tree often with roots...very odd.

Noticed you were one of my followers, and droppers of course, popping in hoping I can encourage you to post a comment next visit, so I know you were there.