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Cuckoo Pint or dear Lords-and-Ladies

This time of year brings the bountiful berries. Most are scarlet red in their coats and brightly show up against a background of leafy greens. The Cuckoo Pint or Lords-and-Ladies as it is often called is a plant that is well remembered as it is usually first introduced to children whilst they are very young with a wagging finger and a stern warning not to pick it! Not to even touch it!!
Cuckoo Pint - Lords-and-Ladies - Alum Maculatum - grows up to 25 cm
Cuckoo Pint or Lords-and-Ladies - Alum Maculatum - grows to a height of 25 cm
Cuckoo Pint
The Cuckoo Pint is deadly poisonous – so is best left entirely alone. If it is used in flower arrangements then special care should be taken to wash the skin thoroughly so as not to transfer the poison in case it is accidentally ingested.
It’s bright red, sometimes orange berries brighten up the ground at the hedgerow’s feet beautifully.

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inday_adin said...

Hey that is so weird because we were at the farm this evening and we had to stop when I saw this plant. I was captured by the color. Now I know the name of it. Thank you!