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Worcestershire emblem

The pear has always featured in Worcestershire emblems. This most probably relates back to the ‘Black Pear’ which is a very old variety of pear and was well established in Worcestershire by the 1500’s. It was most likely introduced around the time that the Romans invaded. The pear itself is known as the Black Pear is in fact rusty or russet in appearance with a tinge of purple hue. From a distance and especially towards twilight it has a tendency to look blackish. It has little flavour if eaten raw so has always been considered as a cooking pear. It has always been cooked very slowly and requires a good two to three-and-a-half hours to bring out all of its full and excellent flavour.
Sadly, I have never grown a Black Pear tree in my garden but I do have a most wonderful Conference Pear tree and like the Black Pear tree it never fails to give armfuls of fruit every year. It does have a slight advantage on the Black Pear in that it can be eaten either as a desert raw fruit or cooked in a pudding.
Conference Pear Tree branch
Conference Pear Tree
Conference Pear Tree

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Shinade aka Jackie said...

Yummy on the pears!! I love them when they really ripe and juicy. I prefer raw.

I'm glad you liked the squirrel and thanks for the information too!!

On my next visit to Maine I will try my best to get pictures of the lovely and very large gray squirrels there!!

They are very lovely but harder to get a picture of. Our squirrels here are getting pretty use to us being out with the camera and Buddy never runs anymore!!

Happy week Polly!!