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Dusky, dark daggers

The lovely, light evenings are slowly getting shorter as each day nightfall begins slightly earlier. A few days ago I visited Arrow Valley Lake in Redditch, Worcestershire. The lake holds two islands, one slightly larger than the other. Whilst strolling along the edge of the lake I spotted a few Grey Herons. I always used to think of Herons as being friendly waders who occasionally jutted their beaks into the dark, murky waters to catch a small fish now and then. In actual fact they are quite large birds having wingspans of nearly one-and-a-half metres. They have eagle-like eyes for spotting food whilst they often perch aloft, quite still on a sturdy branch or dead tree they pose as a stone statue. When they spot the possibility of a meal whether it is a fish, a chick or even a baby rabbit they will usually manage to take it in their firm beaks and swallow it whole. They will take anything that will pass down their throats (these are mostly the young of other waders, or rodents). They will also take the occasional frog or larger insect. They have a propensity to congregate their living quarters in a similar fashion to rooks.

Grey Heron

Grey Heron ... stalking

Grey Heron

Herons - moving sculpture at Arrow Valley Lake Visitors Centre

Herons – moving sculpture at Arrow Valley Country Park Visitors Centre, Arrow Valley Lake

The above metal sculpture is positioned in a pond that is sited outside the Arrow Valley Country Park Visitors Centre … there are two herons which move upwards and downwards alternately in the reeds. They keep peeping out at the visitors as the enter and leave the visitors centre – a really charming piece of sculpture that captures the essence of a nature reserve.


Anonymous said...

Beautiful pics - very charming indeed! You are lucky to have such a place nearby. Thanks for sharing.

Ann said...

I've heard of herons but never knew all those things about them. Very informative post and your pictures are great

Shinade aka Jackie said...

These are simply wonderful Polly. You should be a photo blog. Your pictures are always so lovely and calming.

I apologize for being away during the weekend. I won;t complain to much but my back had me down and of course things are still rocky with my sister-in-law.

I am racing against the clock tonight. I've already lost power once due to thunder and lightening.

We were almost 90 again here today. I envy you the cooler weather.

These shots are just super. I have a heron that visits everyday and I can't get any shots of him yet. He flies every time.

You did a wonderful job. I like Ann always learn so much with every new post here!!

It's simply fascinating!! I hope you have a great day! It's getting late here and our Monday is just fading away!!

Happy Tuesday!!

Shinade aka Jackie said...

Polly no need to publish. I came over to explain Chop!

I am a member of a group called FCC! First Commenter Club. The first commenter on any post gets free linky love.

The young girl you see is Marzie and she is the swiftest chopper in the world.

There are almost 100 members in the club and I think she makes FC on just about every single blog.

I have no clue in the world how she manages it but she internationally famous as a First Commenter.

Oh my I have got to let my cat in and get things wrapped up for the day!!

It's almost 11pm my time. I hope you have a good day!!

Oh yes, the hummingbirds. We have them here all over the place from late spring until first frost.

We have all different colors. They literally play chase on our front porch.

They will migrate back further south when our weather cools. But, yes we have bunches and bunches of them every year.

Good night dear friend!!

storybeader said...

very pretty! love to see animals in the wild... never liked zoos... {:-D

Richard said...

The two Herons on the sculpture are in fact Great Crested Grebe.
Regards AVCC