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Goji berry flower

The Goji berry bushes originate from the Himalayas where they are naturally wild. Their Latin name is Lycium barbarum. They were established in England in the 1600’s and were commonly called the wolf berry or Chinese wolf berry and were also known as Chinese boxthorn.

I had given up on my Goji berry bushes this year, (I have three little ones) as there has been no sign of anything other than lengthening of the long winding stems and leaf growth. Late this evening, whilst putting a few small crumbs out for the birds I thought that I noticed something on one of the bushes. To my surprise there was blossom, not much just a few little flowers … will I now have the pleasure of at least one berry to try fresh? The fresh berries, I am told mark easily and quickly become stained and should be lightly shaken off the bushes holding a muslin cloth or tea towel to collect them in. I am also informed that to have them at their best they should never be handled – always avoid flesh touching them as this makes them perish. If I ever have berries I shall have to test this out for I have never heard of berries that are ‘untouchable!’

Goji berry flowers - used to be commonly called the wolf berry

Goji berry flowers - old name wolf berry

Goji berry or wolf berry in flower

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