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Happy hot herb

As a child we grew nasturtiums in the whole of the back border. It was a riot of colour as all variations of nasturtium bloomed as they galloped over every square inch of vacant soil. They have always grown easily and without so much as an after thought. I just simply scattered the seed, roughly covered it with the blunt end of the rake and within a few short weeks they were up and away. That was until we moved into this little corner of Worcestershire. Here for some reason – at least so far – each nasturtium that I have grown has been quite a frail looking specimen. Each year I keep trying and have purchased several nasturtium varieties but with little success. I’ve planted in full sunshine and partial shade – all have had quite sad results. This is a picture of my most healthiest nasturtium yet …

Red Nasturtium

Red Nasturtium 

Nasturtiums are a herb and they originate from Peru. It is claimed that they are a flamboyant aphrodisiac. They are best noted for their ability to purify the blood and it is useful to note that their medicinal qualities include treatment of respiratory infections, urinary tract infections, bronchitis and kidney.

Use young and tender leaves as watercress; flowers may be chopped and added to salads, warm dishes or used whole as an edible garnish; seeds and buds may be pickled and used like capers.

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