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St George's Day - England's Rose

St George (the patron saint of England)
St George's flag ~ the flag of England

The first St George's day occurred in 1222. It is said that St George looks after everyone in the armed forces and years ago many soldiers and knights wore the white background and red cross. St George stands for chivalry. He was born of Christian parents in the third centuary AD in Turkey. It is believed that he later moved to Palestine and at some point became a soldier in the Roman Army. He disagreed with much of the ethics of Rome at the time and was torchered and imprisoned. He was finally beheaded in Lydda in Palestine.

Many people wear a red rose to remember him by - though why a red rose was chosen for rememberance on 23rd April I am not sure, as I certainly don't have any flowering in my garden at present.

Happy St George's Day to everyone!

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