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Sweet and sour ...

Damson blossom
In the summer of 2007 we bought some plum and a damson tree. We had a very small harvest from one of the plum trees which produced the sweetest of fruit.
one branch of Damson blossom
Although it is early in the year there is blossom on both the damson and the plum ... but will it be too early for them to be fertilised? As yet there do not appear to be the usual hum of insects. There has been an occasional two-spotted ladybird and the odd gnat but no real flower loving creatures!
Plum blossom


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Anonymous said...

You have a lovely site. I like the two types of gardens in your sidebar - the Growing Garden and the Dark, Wet Garden. Very nicely done. Thank you!

Minna Hatara said...

I enjoy looking at your pictures. We have had several lovely sunny days in Finland, too, but now it is grey and rainy and I look forward to the "real" spring to start soon.