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Random Ramblings: Personal observations on a wide variety of subjects. Photographs of creatures and things that are taken on seeing the unusual as well as everyday things.

Bee plug . . .

Somewhere between twilight yesterday and this morning the plug on the top row of the insect house has come out. Looking deep into the cane there is a small hole that something (I am assuming a young bee) has crawled out of and pushed its way into the daylight.
On the top picture you can see the face of one of the bees. The bees go into the canes face first then sometimes they turn around and come out face first - other times they go in face first and come out bottom first. Very occasionally I have seen the bees go in bottom first facing forwards and turn around and come out bottom first.


Meghna said...

Oh my God! This looks dangerous to me...hope it isn't so for you! WOW! you even snapped a picture.....great!

Robert A Vollrath said...

I've never heard of a insect house before or seen a house made for leaf cutting bees. I'll pass this on to my friends at Project InSECT (A traveling insect and art exhibit).