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Worse and worse when will it disperse?

Lychnis Coronaria ... Fondant Fancies
Saturday ............. and although July is noted to be one of the wettest months of the year it is at the moment becoming despondently reflective of last year. Rain and yet more rain has made the cracked dry borders instantly sodden as there has been so much of it. It has been quite cold and dull and the birds seem to be quite sparse.

At least with all of this wet weather I have finally been able to find out the name of one of my most favourite of plants pictured above. This beautiful silver-grey, velvet leafed plant produces a small ball of shiny, medium-sized, black seeds that readily grow if scattered onto the ground as soon as the seed head opens.

Added thought: It will soon be St Swithin's Day ... are we in for a year of floods like 2007?

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